FAQ / How do I set my “Access Number” on Spikko App?

Spikko gives you the freedom of choice.

To set or change your “Access Number” on Spikko App:
1. Open your Spikko app
2. Select the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines)
3. Select “Settings”
4. Select “Access Number”
5. Select either “Auto selection” or “Manual selection”

a. Auto selection: Spikko will choose the most appropriate access number based on your location.

i. Location/GPS must be enabled for this feature to work properly.

b. Manual selection: You choose the country and access number best suited for your mobile plan.

i. Use this option in roaming situations
ii. Remember to update your selection when you travel to a new location
iii. Spikko is not responsible for excess charges due to your selection.

6. Save your selection by pushing “OK”.
7. Go to the dialer screen
8. Click the arrow next to the telephone icon
9. Make sure that your app is set to “Regular call”
10. Outgoing calls will now be made using the access number option that you have selected.