FAQ / What is Spikko’s “Auto Top-Up” service?

Get automatic credit refills and seamless Spikko service by enabling “Auto Top-Up”.

Love the convenience of Spikko?
The Spikko Team has made handling your account even easier.

Never miss or drop a call due to insufficient credit.
Activate or cancel this free service at any time.
Whatever and whenever you decide, Spikko has got you covered.

  • You choose the threshold.
  • You select your refill amount.
  • You set your permanent payment method.

..Spikko will take care of the rest!


Enable Spikko’s “Auto Top-Up” by:


Option 1: Control your preferences via Spikko’s website

  1. Log into your account at www.spikko.com
  2. Press on “Edit” next to “Never run out of minutes”
  3. Select your top-up amount

-The credit amount added to your account by automatic charge

4.   Select your threshold

-The lowest your credit will reach before activating auto top-up

5.   Confirm your new settings


Option 2: Contact Spikko Support

  1. Email Spikko’s Client Care Team at: Support@Spikko.com

2.   Copy and paste the following:

“I would like to enable my “Auto Top-Up” service.
My Spikko account’s email address is: _____________.
I would like an automatic top-up charge of $___.
I authorize this charge to occur when account credit is below $___.”

3.   Enter the appropriate information.

4.   A confirmation email will be sent to your account email address.