FAQ / What is Spikko’s “Callback Service”?

Spikko’s “Callback Service” is best used while roaming and/or in a region without a local access number.

When an access number is unavailable, the “Callback Service” can be used to connect your Spikko calls.


To make a “Callback” call on Spikko App:

1. Have your data enabled and your “Callback” option on.

2. Enter the number you wish to call

3. Spikko will call your detected phone number

4. You will receive a call from the number you have dialed

5. Answer the call to be connected to your destination

A step-by-step guide to switching between calling options can be found here.


To make a “Callback” call using standard Spikko service:

1. Dial +44-2035401060 (UK number)

2. Disconnect when you hear the “Busy” tone.

Do not worry about the call going unanswered.

3. The Telephony system will call back to your CallerID

4. A standard access number scenario will begin

5. Dial your desired destination number with area code.


“Callback” calls are priced as follows:

Incoming minute price + Outgoing minute price to destination

Instructions to view per minute rates are here.