FAQ / How do I make calls without Spikko App?

To make a call without Spikko App, you will use a local access number.


To find your local access number:

  1. Log into your Spikko user portal at www.Spikko.com
  2. Under “Account Details”, you will see a box marked, “Access number”
  3. Click “See list” to view all access numbers.
  4. Use the access number that best suits your needs


To make outgoing calls without Spikko App.

1.  Dial your local access number

2.  Enter your PIN, Press #

    • You can skip this by setting your Caller IDs:
      • Log into your user portal at www.Spikko.com
      • Click “Edit” next to “Caller ID”
      • Input the number(s) from which you make calls

3.  Dial the number you wish to call

4.  Add 00 before the number

5.  Use proper international dialing rules

6.  End the number with #


Note: There may be a slight delay as Spikko takes over to provide you the best rates to your destination country. The call recipient will see your Caller ID associated with their country. If you do not have a Spikko number in the receiver’s location, your regular phone number will be shown.