FAQ / How do I cancel my Spikko line?

iTunes Users: See directions here


Android & Web Clients: There are 3 methods of cancelling your Spikko number.


  • You may cancel your Spikko service at any time with no additional cost and no hassle.
  • Cancellation through Spikko App or Spikko.com will result in line termination at the end of your billing cycle
  • For immediate, specific, or future cancellation dates, process your request through Support@Spikko.com


To cancel your line via Spikko App:

  1. Open your Spikko App with data connection enabled
  2. Click the menu icon (3 horizontal lines)
  3. Select “Add/Manage Numbers”
  4. Select “i” to the right of the number you wish to cancel
  5. Click “Unsubscribe”
  6. Confirm your number deletion


To cancel your line via Spikko.com:

  1. Log into your user portal on www.Spikko.com
  2. Find the package that you wish to disable / delete
  3. Click “edit” next to its “Status”
  4. Select “Set to Expire” and save


To cancel your line via Spikko Client Care, send an email to Support@Spikko.com with:

  1. Your account email address
  2. Which number(s) you would like to cancel
  3. Reason for cancellation- feedback improves Spikko service
  4. When you would like to have your service terminated.
    -Immediately? End of billing cycle? In three months? Tell us!
  5. A confirmation email will be sent by a Spikko Team Member.


Please note: The client is responsible for cancelling their line before the end of their billing cycle. Spikko cannot guarantee refunds for requests made after the established billing date.