FAQ / How do I change my divert number?

One of the great things about Spikko is that you can change to where your number forwards at any time!

To change your divert via Spikko App:
1. Open your Spikko app
2. Push on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines)
3. Select “Add/Manage Numbers”
4. Select the Spikko number for which you would like to change the divert.
-Special note: clicking on the “i” to the right of the number will take you to a payment information screen.
5. Under “Your calls will be forwarded to your SIM number:” input your phone number in international format.

To change your divert via Spikko.com:
1. Go to www.Spikko.com
2. Click “Login” to enter your Spikko user portal
3. Find the package whose divert number you would like to change
4. Click “edit” next to “Diverted to:”
5. Input the new divert number in international format and confirm