FAQ / How do I forward calls from my regular SIM to a Spikko number?

Headed abroad or switching SIMs temporarily?
Want your “regular” SIM calls forwarded to you?
Diverting incoming calls to your Spikko number is easy.

Here’s how to enable your “Follow Me” service:
1.       Get a Spikko number that is a local call from your home SIM

2a.    Ask your carrier to forward all incoming calls to that number
2b.    Dial **21*SpikkoPhoneNumber# using your existing SIM.

For example, if your Spikko number is: +1-646-555-1234
Dial the following to enable “Follow Me”:**21*16465551234#

3.       Spikko will pick up the calls, even if you change to a foreign SIM.

Dial the following to cancel your call forwarding: ##21#