FAQ / Are outgoing app calls “not working”? -Read this first!

After replacing your card with a local SIM:

When making the first outgoing call in a new country using the Spikko app, make sure that your GPS/location service is enabled for Spikko. In doing so, the app will automatically detect your new location and reconfigure the local access number.

Please make sure you are not roaming, as it will use data. Once your location is updated by the app, you can disable GPS/location services; data is no longer needed and outgoing calls will work.

If your GPS is diabled, the Spikko app will ask you for your current location. Choose the country in which you are currently located. This way, your app will know which access number to use in outgoing calls.

To set your access number for outgoing calls manually:

1.     Open your Spikko App with internet enabled

2.     Push Menu icon (3 horizontal lines)

3.      Select “Access Number”

4.     Choose “Manual Selection”

5.     Choose the country of your SIM or that best suits your mobile plan. Select a specific location (if applicable).

6.     Click “OK” to confirm your selection.


If you are in a region that does not have a local access number:

1.     Ensure that you have an internet connection enabled.

2.     Within Spikko App, go to the dialer (Menu > Dialer)

3.     Press the upwards arrow next to the telephone icon

4.     Select “Callback” as your calling method