FAQ / Special Dialing Rules: Russia

When dialing to Russia from abroad using Spikko:

Choose “Russian Federation” with the Russian flag in the Spikko app dialer.

Use the number format: +7 (Russian country code included in the Spikko app), followed by the number. Do not input 8 at the beginning.

For example: the number+78923456789 should be entered as (+7) 923456789

When dialing from within Russia:

Do not include the “8”.

Your Spikko contacts should have the “8” removed from them or you can replace the “8” with “0”.

For example: 8901XXXXXXX should become +7901XXXXXXX or 901XXXXXXX

Should you add the “8” in the Spikko app dialer: the call will not work, as 8 is used for internal dialing in Russia. This will cause the app to dial “7-8…” instead of “7…”

If your phone contacts are in Russian mode, please recheck that the settings are correct.

Go to Settings -> Personal Details -> Choose the Russian flag below the “Confirm password” field.