FAQ / How do number subscriptions / packages work?

Spikko numbers are secured with a monthly recurring charge.


Spikko has numbers in 50+ countries available for purchase.

That’s over 4,000 locations!
Some numbers may require special approval and/or paperwork.

Most will instantly be assigned upon successful payment.


Spikko numbers are kept active by payment of a monthly recurring subscription charge. Billing cycles renew 30 days after the day of the initial purchase. At that time, the monthly recurring fee will be charged.

This is done using the payment method on file.

If a client does not want to be automatically billed monthly, it is their responsibility to unsubscribe and resubscribe their line via Spikko app or www.Spikko.com


One may cancel their subscription at any time without additional fees.

After canceling a subscription, Spikko numbers are active until the next billing renewal date.
Upon the end of the billing cycle, the number will be removed from the user account. No additional charges for that number will occur.