FAQ / Spikko’s service and app directly support calling

The Spikko phone number you purchase is yours !
Spikko supports incoming and outgoing text messages (SMS) in several countries. The list of countries is always updated. Currently,SMS are supported on all the USA Spikko lines, UK mobile numbers and Israeli mobile numbers.

Spikko is always developing and adding new features based on users requests.

Additional features supported (without extra charge):

– Recording a personalised voicemail message to be played when not available, and listen to his voicemails directly from the app viacall history.

– “Group ringing” is supported on every Spikko number: One may add up to 5 numbers to the ringing group. Those numbers will ring simultaneously (at the same time) and the first to answer will take the call.

-Organization greeting: There is an option to add an “Auto Attendant” menu, which allows recording a personalized voice menu and set up 10 different diverts (from key 0 to key 9). The diverts might be any employee phone number. For example: “Hello, you have reached X, press 1 for sales, 2 for support, or 3 to leave a message…”

-Voice Recordings: It is possible to activate voice recordings of incoming calls (on the Spikko numbers), and to record outgoing calls made using Spikko.
One can listen to the voice recordings from the Spikko call history screen, or via email. The voice recordings are performed with extremely high quality and reliability.
This feature is provided with extra monthly fee. Please contact support@spikko.com for activation.

Spikko is continuously adding new features. We are always welcoming new ideas and requests from our users.