FAQ / I switched my SIM. What do I do now?

When switching SIMs make sure that your Spikko App is closed. Enable your internet connection and location.

Upon reopening your Spikko App it will automatically reconfigure.

To ensure proper functioning, you may wish to perform the following tasks. Remember that saving  changes requires internet connection.

How to check/change your Authorized SIM number in Spikko App:

  • Open your Spikko App
  • Push on the “Menu” icon (3 horizontal lines)
  • Press “Settings”
  • Select “SIM Authorization”
    • If this is your correct SIM number, press “OK”
    • If this is not your correct SIM number:
      • Input the new number in international format
      • When finished, press “Reset Authorized Number”


How to check/change your divert number(s) in Spikko App:

  • Open your Spikko app
  • Push on the “Menu” icon (3 horizontal lines)
  • Press “Add/Manage Numbers”
  • Select the Spikko number you wish to check
    • Special note: clicking on the “i” to the right of the number will take you to a payment information screen.
  • Under “Your calls will be forwarded to your SIM number:” input your divert phone number in international format.