What is Spikko credit?

Spikko credit is used for incoming and outgoing calls.

If you have chosen a plan with incoming minutes included:

Each line will show how many package minutes are included and how many minutes remain based on usage.

Should you go over your amount, additional talk time will be pulled from your account’s credit.

Outgoing calls will pull from your credit.

If you have chosen a Pay-As-You-Talk plan:

All incoming and outgoing calls will pull from your credit.

What are “Credit minutes”?

Credit minutes are the number of incoming minutes based on your account’s credit and the divert number for that line.

The amount may vary line-to-line as the price per minute depends on your forwarding number.

Helpful Hints:

Should you run out of minutes or credit, you will be unable to make or receive calls on your Spikko number

To avoid missed or dropped calls due to credit, Spikko suggests that you enable your auto top-up service

Spikko credit does not pay for your Spikko line. These are separate balances

Spikko credit is good for up to 1 year after purchase.