Spikko launches its new enterprise multi-line with mobile call and text recording solution – fully compliant with new MiFID II regulation.

SPIKKO announced today its new enterprise mobile calls and SMS recording solution, including its full compliance with the new MiFID II regulation.

Mobile voice and text recording has become a major issue in recent years, especially in the finance industry, as mobile communication became an inseparable part of most transactions. As MiFID II regulations, with its mobile recording and archiving requirements, are about to take effect less than a year from now – financial institutions are seeking a solution that can comply with this regulation while enabling their normal course of business.

SPIKKO’s solution in the only solution offered today in the industry that is fully user transparent, operator agnostic, and enables the enterprise to provide its employees with a true business mobile number which is separate from the private line and fully complies with MiFID II.

Spikko’s customers do not require their employees to change their mobile device or their SIM. According to Mr. Shai Benarzy, CEO of Spikko, the deployment of the Enterprise Mobile Recording solution is incredibly simple. “Spikko’s solution is based on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept where employees receive an additional mobile number on their existing device and SIM, which works in full harmony with their existing private line. Only their business line is recording, so that full privacy of their personal line is preserved”, he says.

Spikko’s enterprise mobile call recording solution enables the organization to own and manage its workforce business lines, which provides unparalleled value to the company from both a business and a compliance point of view.