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Spikko and CIS announce a strategic partnership to deliver a global and fully compliant unified call recording solution including mobile recording

SPIKKO, a leading provider of global multi-line and compliant mobile call recording capabilities and CIS, a leading provider of call & screen recording platform for call centers, financial institutions and public safety agencies, today announced a new strategic partnership.  The partnership brings a solution that combines the extensive Spikko mobile communications platform, with CIS’s market leading call recording capabilities to deliver a comprehensive unified recording platform, that now supports mobile recording as well.
Crystal Quality®, CIS’s Innovative Call and Screen recording system with quality management suite, helps call centers with multiple channels, including desktops phones, identifies service gaps and improves customer’s experience.  With Spikko’s integrated capabilities, the system can now also record and manage mobile calls (voice and text) in an All-In-One system. Such a solution addresses the global need for a unified recording platform that is required by evolving regulation such as MIFID II, Dodd-Frank and FCA. The mobile call recording works on the existing phone and SIM, and offers a full compliant global mobile number recording even when the user is in roaming, with privacy protection against recording of personal calls. The solution fully supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios.
Danny Levi, CEO of CIS, commented “With Spikko’s platform, CIS brings to its customers a complete, unified, and one-stop-shop solution that is still fully compliant with industry standards.  With this combined solution we can extend our global reach, with an additional leading solution, that is also optimized for additional market verticals which are currently under served”.
Shai Benarzi, CEO of Spikko, added “This cooperation is important as it generates a comprehensive and leading solution that empowers organizations that rely on their mobile communications as part of their business transactions, and wish or need to comply with an all-calls recorded policy including mobiles”.

About Spikko:
Spikko is a leading provider of mobile voice recording platform, based on its Mobile Identifiers – intuitive seamless multi-line capabilities in a single device with an existing SIM card from any operator.  Spikko provides all-calls guaranteed mobile voice and text recording, thus bringing regulatory compliance even when users are roaming. Spikko has hundreds of loyal global customers – financial institutes, enterprises, and SMBs that already benefit from Spikko’s best-of-breed compliant mobility solution.
About CIS:
CIS designs, develops and markets multimedia recording and monitoring systems and agent performance optimization solutions for the global communications market. With over 500 hundred of business customers and more than 1,000 installations globally, CIS places product quality and technical service at the top of its agenda. CIS solution was chosen by financial institutes, Call Centers and Public Safety agencies due to its state of the art stable solution and its industry and regulation protocol compliancy.

Spikko launches its new enterprise multi-line with mobile call and text recording solution – fully compliant with new MiFID II regulation.

SPIKKO announced today its new enterprise mobile calls and SMS recording solution, including its full compliance with the new MiFID II regulation.

Mobile voice and text recording has become a major issue in recent years, especially in the finance industry, as mobile communication became an inseparable part of most transactions. As MiFID II regulations, with its mobile recording and archiving requirements, are about to take effect less than a year from now – financial institutions are seeking a solution that can comply with this regulation while enabling their normal course of business.

SPIKKO’s solution in the only solution offered today in the industry that is fully user transparent, operator agnostic, and enables the enterprise to provide its employees with a true business mobile number which is separate from the private line and fully complies with MiFID II.

Spikko’s customers do not require their employees to change their mobile device or their SIM. According to Mr. Shai Benarzy, CEO of Spikko, the deployment of the Enterprise Mobile Recording solution is incredibly simple. “Spikko’s solution is based on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept where employees receive an additional mobile number on their existing device and SIM, which works in full harmony with their existing private line. Only their business line is recording, so that full privacy of their personal line is preserved”, he says.

Spikko’s enterprise mobile call recording solution enables the organization to own and manage its workforce business lines, which provides unparalleled value to the company from both a business and a compliance point of view.

A Home / Small Office Kinda Guy? 5 Tools You Can’t Do Without

Small Office Kinda GuySometimes working from home, or operating out of a small office, can be extremely challenging. Everyone thinks you’ve got it easy by picking your own hours and choosing your own lunch breaks, but in reality you must find creative ways to be much more efficient than your corporate fellows, and with very little external help. These tools can save your day!

Aside from the fact that you really have to motivate yourself to engage with clients and crack on with work at scheduled times (no money will roll in otherwise), you’re also responsible for absolutely everything — from input to output.

Running a company from home is a learning curve, and you’ll make mistakes along the way, but what a lot of entrepreneurs or self-starters don’t realize is that there are a vast array of tools out there which are specifically designed to help them run things conveniently and efficiently. Listed here are five of the best:


Spikko website

Spikko is a great app that brings an elegant alternative to dual SIM devices. You can add as many numbers as needed, local or international, to your mobile phone.

You can add an office landline number by a click, without the need for a contract and desk-phone. Simply use the additional office number or the additional mobile number (provided by Spikko) on your mobile device.

Spikko has built in features to allow you to make and receive affordable international calls, no matter where you are in the world. Prices for dedicated numbers start from as low as $4.

Spikko for android

Spikko for iOs

Trello Website

When many entrepreneurs first start out, they often scrawl down to-do lists on a piece of paper, or a white board in their office. This is an archaic way of managing projects, and sooner or later something important will slip through the cracks. What every home worker/small time business owner needs is project management software — and Trello is one of the very best available.

Trello is an easy to use online SAAS tool which allows you to create projects, track their progress, add and remove clients involved, and also split projects between people. You can also attribute due dates to tasks, keeping you (and anyone else using the software) aware of when certain things are due. As Trello is a freemium service, you can enjoy many features for nothing, and there’s a mobile app too.

Docusign website

DocuSign allows you to “send, sign and approve documents” whenever and wherever you like. When you’re working from home or in a small office, this can be an essential time-saver, and can also allow you to keep everything tied down legally. The software essentially eliminates the need for a printer or scanner when it comes to signing papers — allowing you to save on paper and financial expenditure, as well as time and effort.

You’ll be forced to keep track of astounding amounts of data as a home worker or small business owner. Along with your contact list, your accounts and passwords will also pile up as the weeks zip by. Over time, you may find yourself managing activities on behalf of customers too. 1Password is a great app for managing all your credentials. Available as a Chrome extension or mobile app, this software streamlines data storage securely and efficiently, allowing you to save, manage and operate your credentials seamlessly. A one-off license costs $50.

whatsapp web

Yes, it’s the popular app you’re already likely to be familiar with… only this time in desktop version. Corporates usually have their own enterprise software for managing the internal and external communication, just like Microsoft Lync. Home office folk have messengers like WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web is completely synced in real time with your phone chats and contacts, and it’s simple and easy to use — making communication with contacts an absolute doddle. What’s more, it’s completely free.

*Disclosure- the writer is involved with a few of the listed above tools

Article source –, all right reserved.

How to be In-Office While a Sea Away

This summer I went on a whirlwind adventure: a week of culture in London; a week of relaxation in The Republic of Ireland; and another week visiting family in the Netherlands.

“How can you go away for 3 weeks without driving your boss and other employees crazy?”

I used my Spikko account to stay in contact, of course!

Prior to Spikko, an extended vacation was a dream. Taking a week off is hard enough- but nearly a month? Impossible! To stay connected to the office while away meant struggling to search for reliable WiFi; taking half-an-hour to respond to an email that could have been settled with a 20 second phone call; waiting forever for a reply; and then paying outrageous roaming charges when email wasn’t enough.

It's okay, Dawson; we've all been there.
Take preventative measures: use Spikko.

Enter summer 2014: hopes for double-decker buses; finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow; and eating my weight in cheese.

The quest for WiFi?  Non-existent.
Having to Cc the entire office on an email that reads, “No”?
Waiting for my coworkers to wake up? 
…Okay, maybe.
Everything quick, reasonably priced, and the power to change it all with an app on my phone? 


Sure, I may have a quick call while riding the tube or at a Dublin pub. Compared to the amount of hassle I would have had staying in-touch with our headquarters otherwise, it was a drop in the bucket. The best part of it all was that despite the change of my SIM weekly, I never had to worry about whether or not the Spikko staff would be able to reach me. Also, in using our app, there was no question that my number would follow me flawlessly and with zero effort.

It is one thing to sell a product and believe in its use; it’s another thing to experience the importance of the service.

So if I speak to you with enthusiasm on Spikko chat or send an email telling you how wonderful our product is, know that I mean it. For three weeks of my life, Spikko went from a luxury to a necessity.

Even if I didn’t work here, I would tell you the same thing:
The ease, clarity, and reliability of Spikko is a lifesaver if you are away but need to stay connected.

You’ve earned your relaxation time- make the most of it!
Whether you’re in the office wishing you were someplace else or out of the office (aside from a ring here-or-there), Spikko is here for all of your business calling needs.

Kind Regards, 
Sydney Taksar

Kittens & an Awesome Review: Things that Make Spikko Happy

No, seriously. Read the review.
“Meow,” really means, “Hey, you- read our review!” – A Well Known Kitty Interpreter

Okay, so this picture of kittens in a basket has nothing to do with us, but it got your attention, right?

Since you’re here, why don’t you check out this awesome review of Spikko from Androidheadlines.com ?

Please note: We also like puppies.